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Boost Your Buyers’ Purchasing Power with HECM for Purchase loans

Did you know homeowners 62 and up have over $9.5 trillion¹ tied up in home equity? By incorporating HECM for Purchase loans into your business, you can open a new, growing market segment giving you the ability to close more deals on higher-value properties. The HECM for Purchase gives your buyers greater financial flexibility and control over the communities and homes of their dreams.

builder iconHow It Works

How a HECM for Purchase works is simple. Buyers, who must be 62 or older to participate, put down a portion (e.g. 60%) of the new home’s price, and the mortgage lender puts down the rest to complete the purchase. The lender’s portion, however, does not have to be repaid until the borrower leaves the home or does not otherwise comply with the loan terms. With no monthly mortgage payments to make, buyers may choose to use their added buying power to purchase a larger model or additional builder upgrades. Borrowers must continue to maintain the property, pay taxes and homeowners insurance, and otherwise comply with all loan terms.

HECM for purchase loan exampleThe Impact on Your Business

What This Means for Your Buyers


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¹Senior Housing Wealth Tops 9.5 Trillion for First Time" – Reverse Mortgage Daily. October 17, 2021.


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